Concrete Flatwork in Richmond

Best Concrete Flatwork in Richmond

Looking to upgrade your home? Call Richmond Concrete Contractors¬†today to check out all of the great options that are available for your property! You’ll be amazed to see what installing a patio can bring to your backyard, or how repairing and sealing a driveway can improve your property’s appearance. We offer the following concrete services in Richmond, Virginia.

Concrete flatwork

Concrete flatwork can be used for both decorative and plain manner. It can be used both in outdoor and indoor to add value and beauty to your home. Concrete flatwork are durable, strong and relative cheap. You can match your walks and driveways with the home’s exterior and interiors by using the natural and soft palette.

Sidewalk Installation

A sidewalk or a footpath is an excellent addition to any home. If you are planning on better home improvement, this is one thing you should never forget. Concrete sidewalks can vary in colors, shapes, and you can choose from any shape you want. Before beginning on this project, look around at other homes and businesses to see what can be done but do not be limited by what you see. Use your imagination. Colored concrete is also available today from most Richmond Concrete Contractors.

Patio Pouring

Building a concrete patio is not a real major project for a homeowner. With a little help on pour day to move and finish the concrete, you can depending upon the size of the patio, form, and prep a patio one weekend and pour and finish it the next. If you can reach the patio with the red-mix concrete truck, the work is much easier, but if you have to wheelbarrow the concrete, you need to look real hard at what is involved. We will use a ten foot by twenty-foot patio as our example. Richmond Concrete Contractors is reputed for their expert services in patio paver installation.

Curb gutter drains

If there are missing or damaged downspout or gutter parts, these are the most obvious sources of water and should be replaced or repaired as gutters and spouting are essential to keep the interior of your home dry and prevent basement water damage. Ignoring these obvious defects almost always leads to serious long term problems.

If these parts are in good repair, then the next most obvious problem is clogged gutters. This is common when a tree or large plant sheds its leaves on your roof. They can wash down into the downpipe, or collect at the opening at the top and block the water. Either situation will result in the water washing over the side and straight down your wall where it will saturate the ground and seep into your blocks. Be sure the downpipe is clear of derbies and using a leaf strainer is recommended in this case.

We also offer cost-effective patio repair services. Richmond Concrete Contractors is a licensed builder in Richmond, Virginia and has run a concrete installation and repair service for many years. Contact us at (804) 351-8756 for a free quote on all concrete services.

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